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Disgusted mum

Just want to let people know that an 11-yr-old boy and three young girls were assaulted by five 16- and 17-yr-old lads on Thursday night in the Deerpark Road. The young boy was beaten with sticks by the crowd who had come up from Glenbryn. The PSNI were called but we were informed that they […]

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Anxious mum

Is there ever going to be a club for the children aged 6 -16 of Carlisle to go to? I know there is the Grey Gables and the Star but all we have is an after-school club in NQS for the kids to go to. I’m not trying to get my kids minded, it’s just […]

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An affected family member

Suicide awareness? Maybe if there wasn’t so much awareness there wouldnt be so many suicides. I’m only 30 and when I was growing up it was never spoken about and hardly anyone did it, now my ten-year-old knows what it means and it’s all you ever hear. Suicide is so shocking and so awful and […]

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Think forward

Who does that wee girl on the Crossroads documentary think she is? I don’t fit in with the mentality of Ardoyne. Me and my brothers and sisters have all been reared in Ardoyne and two of us both have degrees and my younger sister is also working towards one. Is that the mentality she is […]

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Concerned parents

Doctors in the Mater hospital want to get their fingers out and  start helping people in North Belfast. We are losing far too many decent people. It’s so sad there is nothing out there to offer anyone. Please follow and like us:

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School run dad

Here, Gridlock: I do a fairly short school run but then I go on and drive to work myself. I don’t drive the kids five minutes to school and then go home. The school is on my way to work, so I drop the children off first. What would you like me to do? Walk […]

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