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Tag Archives: alcohol

Green light given for pubs rating system

A NEW ‘traffic light’ system to tackle alcohol-related crime and violence at bars and nightclubs has been welcomed by an industry spokesman.

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Booze-fuelled violence a new priority for cops

Violent crime associated with South Belfast’s boozy nightlife will be a priority for cops this year, the PSNI have revealed.

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How children’s suffering bridges the generations

If a book can be a lifeline then the greatest book about addiction and its crushing effect on families must be Breaking Night, an unforgettable memoir of life in a Bronx home where both parents are hopeless crack addicts.

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PSNI target on booze related crime fails dismally

A PSNI target of reducing violent, drink related crime by three per cent has been blown out of the water by a shocking increase of almost 18 per cent.

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Park’s anti-social rates

ORMEAU Park is among the worst council-maintained areas for anti-social activity it has been revealed.

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Twin evils of digital phones and social networking

‘Tis the season to be jolly. ‘Tis also the season to drink too much, make a fool out of yourself in front of those you spend most of the day with and spend the rest of the festive period regretting you had ever heard of 37 different flavours of vodka.

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