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Tag Archives: artist

Thanking Brian

THE pre-eminent Irish American artist Brian O’Doherty – AKA the late Patrick Ireland – came along to the New York-New Belfast conference last week to cheer on his old pal Robert Ballagh, who made a powerful call for votes for the diaspora.
Following the slaughter on Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972, Brian O’Doherty started to sign all his artwork with the name Patrick Ireland. His artistic protest drew the attention – and sympathy – of the American art world to the plight of Northern nationalists, but also ensured the New York painter got the cold shoulder from official Ireland.

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The art of being honest

Ormeau-based artist Colm Clarke creates performance work that is designed to engage more than just the eyes, utilising sound and vibration in his pieces of unique creativity.

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Mad as a hatter

Poet, artist and designer, Jessica ni Leacai, pulls her inspiration for her creations from her experiences of living all over the world. Now settled in the Village area where the views stimulate ideas for her work, she is putting all her time and effort into designing headpieces and jewellery.

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Young local artist puts exciting work on show

A SELF-taught South Belfast artist is preparing to host a new exhibition of his striking work at one of the North’s most exclusive hotels.

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