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Tag Archives: Derry

ONH exclusion is no surprise

A failed show of strength in Derry last month was intended to signal the arrival of the ‘new IRA’, a West Belfast republican source has told the Andersonstown News

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Relaxing in style in County Donegal

GROWING up in Derry, you tend to take having a county like Donegal on your doorstep for granted. Day trips to beach-side towns like Buncrana, Greencastle and Moville in the Inishowen Peninsula were such a regular occurrence as a child that I never really appreciated the beauty and history of Donegal like tourists from further afield would.

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RSF ‘nonsense’ over GAA ‘sell-out’

REPUBLICAN Sinn Féin have been accused of talking “nonsense” after an astonishing attack on the GAA during the party’s Easter commemoration at Milltown Cemetery on Sunday. The party, which is aligned to the Continuity IRA, which burned a digger at Casement Park two years ago after contractors working on the Andersonstown

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Lessons learned from cross border cooperation

You could have predicted it would come from John O’Dowd, couldn’t you?

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Caught on Camera

CCTV shows men acting suspiciously before shop is set on fire. Cops tells us the cause of huge blaze is ‘inconclusive’

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Boyish Basil is running rings around Big Tom

They say by the time we hit 40, we’ve got the face we deserve. I’m not sure what age Basil McCrea is, but he’s got a user-friendly face. It’s round, it’s boyish, it has a youthful fringe hanging over it, and he generally looks as though he’s either smiling or about to smile. He’s also, I suspect, got an eye on the leadership of the UUP.

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