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Tag Archives: Gaeltacht Quarter

It’s Balls on the Falls

SHADOW Chancellor Ed Balls has become the latest dignitary to visit West Belfast. Mr Balls was in the North yesterday

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We’ve come a very long way since the Ardscoil

I ALWAYS allow myself a little holiday in the heart when I attend an Irish language event in the Dome of Delight — as I did on Tuesday evening. That’s partly because I was thrown out after ten minutes of my first-ever meeting in City Hall back in the eighties because I spoke Erse, and that’s partly because it’s a thrill to witness the strength and vibrancy of today’s Irish language movement.

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A sign of the times as our city puts on a new face

First things first: The intrepid Fermanagh-born but DC-based battler for justice Fr Seán McManus published the definitive book on Irish-America’s fight for justice in North Ireland, including the epic MacBride Principles campaign, earlier this year. It’s a book which should be in the Christmas stocking of someone you love.

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Halloween fundraiser for RFJ

LOCAL victims’ group Relatives for Justice are hosting a Halloween fundraiser this weekend in the Gaeltacht Quarter.The Cultúrlann will be transformed to celebrate all things spooky as RFJ hold the seasonal fundraiser on Saturday night.

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