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Tag Archives: Holyland

St Pat’s Day gamble pays off with peaceful scenes

HOLYLAND residents have praised a decision by Queen’s University to cancel classes last week, after a “relatively trouble-free” St Patrick’s Day.

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Student exodus may have been sad – but it worked

It would be nice to think that the relatively quiet scenes in the Holyland on St Patrick’s Day were due to a new maturity and respect for the neighbours’ sensitivity among our student population.

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Rest of media catches up with SBN

THE spiralling costs related to the Holyland area have been making headlines over the last week, four months after the same fact was first reported by the South Belfast News.

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Holyland awaits outcome of St Pat’s Day ‘gamble’

Booze checkpoints are to be set up in the Holyland this week as long-term residents tentatively await the onset of St Patrick’s weekend.

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Volunteers won’t Bottle Out of St Pat’s Day challenge

PREPARATIONS are underway for St Patrick’s Day in the Holyland, with a campaign to reduce the number of glass bottles used over the holiday.

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Holyland meeting ‘last chance’ for locals to influence outcome

Residents in the Holyland will take part in another workshop early next month to allow them the opportunity to give input to a report on the area’s problems.

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