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Tag Archives: Newtownabbey


A newly formed criminal gang labelling itself Correct Action Against Drugs was behind the bruta

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Tricolours on lampposts not wanted, says cllr

A Newtownabbey Sinn Féin councillor says he has been “inundated” with complaints from nationalists

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coke and heroin abuse on the rise

The massive haul of Class A drugs seized by police in Newtownabbey over the past year is an indication of their increased use on local streets, a leading substance abuse worker has said. Director of Services at Forum for Action on Substance Abuse and Suicide Awareness (FASA) Jim Weir was speaking after new figures show large increases in seizures of hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin in Newtownabbey…

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Two years on and still no drug charges

NoT ONE person has been arrested or charged in relation to drug dealing in a Newtownabbey estate despite parents handing over the names of known dealers in the area to police almost three years ago. Over the past number of weeks the North Belfast News has been inundated with texts, calls and letters regarding the levels of drug dealing in Longlands. Residents claim everyone in the area is aware of who the main dealers are but they continue to freely ply their deadly trade.

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Up to eight cats poisoned by anti-freeze

A distraught Newtownabbey pet owner fears local children are at risk of serious harm after two of her pets were killed by suspected anti-freeze poisoning last month. Two of Julie Blair’s cats have died in the last month and one has been tested positive for anti-freeze

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Council still refusing to take action on asbestos

A Newtownabbey residents group who took on the responsibility of moving asbestos piping, illegally dumped in a local street, have been told that their local Council will not be be removing the hazardous material.

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