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Tag Archives: RFJ

One-in-five RUC rejoined the PSNI

News that 20 per cent of RUC officers who took handsome redundancy packages were later rehired on temporary

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Some victims are being shortchanged

There is a “blatant inequality” in terms of support and financial assistance from the Northern Ireland

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US Congress hears of massacre and collusion

THE United States Congress has heard of the challenges to the British government over the Sean Graham’s bookmakers’ massacre on the Ormeau Road 20 years ago.

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Road named after Emma

THE Glen Road has been renamed in honour of one of the founders of Relatives for Justice (RFJ). A street sign bearing the name ‘Emma Groves Road’ has been erected outside RFJ’s brand new Glen Road base at the suggestion of the Falls Women’s Centre to mark the recent International Women’s Day

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Collusion report calls for inquiry

A report by a victims’ support group detailing collusion in the Sean Graham’s massacre will call for an independent inquiry into the UFF slaughter which saw five people murdered and seven others wounded 20 years ago this week.

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Pressure for public inquiry will not ease

POLITICAL representatives and community groups from across West Belfast have given a unanimous welcome to the decision by the Attorney General for Northern Ireland, John Larkin QC, to order the reopening of the inquests into the deaths of 10 of those who died in the Ballymurphy Massacre.

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