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Tag Archives: Scotland

Loyalist bus trip furore

Catholic bus drivers will consider strike action if the company fails to take action against employees who posted sectarian remarks on

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Our young Mayor fails to talk the talk

Our Lord fell three times on the road to Calvary, so let’s not be too disappointed that the youthful

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Family is forced to flee home

A LAGMORE family who fled their home of 17 years to escape anti-social behaviour say they’ve been left “high and dry” by the police and by the Housing Executive.The Blake family have left their Altan Gardens home to restart their lives in Scotland after what that say were three years of threatening and intimidating behaviour directed against them and their neighbours, including verbal and physical abuse, intimidation, the death of a family pet and the delivery of a funeral wreath to their home.

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An opening, a step forward, a passing

THE NAME is awful and the artificial flowers and fish tank quite disconcerting, but fundamentally the E3 Belfast MET building at Springvale is a gamechanger for the city. Ducking the squalls this week, I joined Patricia Flanagan to view the spanking new facility on the Springfield Road peaceline. 20 years ago, there were promises – ultimately unfulfilled – to locate a university at this site in a dramatic move which would have turbo-charged the faltering economy of North/West Belfast

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Testing time for students

The fevered debate over whether students from Northern Ireland are entitled to free tuition fees in Scotland brings into stark relief the shambles which is further education provision.

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Scots independence ‘detrimental’

In Northern Ireland both Unionists and Nationalists are watching Scotland with great interest. The rise of the SNP and their desire for independence has the potential to embroil all four quarters of the United Kingdom in a constitutional conundrum.

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