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Lee-Anne Adams

Holy Trinity Primary School

Subject: Art & Design.

Age: 29.

Your place of birth: West Belfast.

Where You Live: West Belfast.

First Job: Improver in a hair dressing salon at 15.

What it taught me: Always smile and be kind and always work hard and give 100 per cent to everything .

Family/status: Engaged.

Best advice anyone ever gave you: My mummy always told me to go out and be the absolute best person that I could be, no one can ask any more of you than your best. She told me to shoot for the stars and make your dreams come true. My daddy taught me to be strong and to never let anything or anyone stand in the way of what you love and are passionate about. They both taught me to always be polite, kind, friendly and respectful towards others and, most importantly, that manners cost you nothing, but they change everything.

Best advice you could give someone thinking of a teaching career: Be prepared to put the work in! Teaching is a highly demanding job because of the responsibility placed upon your shoulders. You are guiding the youth of tomorrow. Everyone remembers their school days, good or bad. It is those experiences which will guide them through the rest of their lives. A good teacher is someone who cares about the children they teach, a great teacher thinks of their class even when they’re not in school and yet still remembers to pick up the conkers and leaves and acorns for the Autumn display table or art activity next week, or the sea shells on holiday for the ‘at the beach’ scene. Being a teacher is not a profession but a vocation, it encompasses your whole life and even takes over it sometimes and you must be thoroughly prepared for and accepting of it, because the children in your care deserve it!