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Happy Twelfth?

The Twelfth will soon be upon us again. Festivals in most places make people wish each other Happy Fourth, Happy Christmas, Happy Mother’s Day, but before the Twelfth we say, Hope there’ll be no trouble. Will it ever be a festival with everybody celebrating, rather than a day of doom with half the population leaving […]

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Food, Glorious Food

There is a world of difference in the way people eat. Some intent on their food, relishing every morsel, even doing what  we used to be looked at disapprovingly for, wiping up the gravy with a piece of bread so as not to waste a drop. Too precious to lose. Or people having a close […]

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How can we learn to learn?

This time of year teachers come together to talk about teaching. Often the talk is about pay and conditions but there may be teachers who would like to talk less about pay and conditions and more about what they have to teach and the level of stress they have to endure. Teaching should be a happy occupation, often it is stressful, and sometimes disastrously so.

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A cool, fresh wind blows

It will be an interesting time ahead with – possibly – republicans courteously meeting Britain’s Queen and the Pope visiting Cuba. The more interesting of these is the Pope in Cuba.

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Joy blooms amidst pain

Christmas should be a happy time, but for many it can be too sad for words. Your unhappiness takes on an even darker colour when everyone else is practically commanded to be happy. The best wish we have for us all is, perhaps, a merry Christmas, hopefully a happy one, but certainly, no matter what happens, a peaceful one.

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United Europe gives us pause

We seem to be heading towards a United States of Europe. For some this seems a good idea, others see it as yet another mistake.European nations united under a central government, with centrally controlled tax laws, national parliaments which can make laws but only subject to an overall set of superior laws for the whole of the united states; much the same idea as that

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