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His ideas were revolutionary

People are shocked when you say Jesus Christ was one of the greatest revolutionaries the world ever knew. At Christmas we are all ringing bells and singing and, if we can manage the money, feasting. But that is not what he was about.

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A legal gift from Ireland

A NEW and thoroughgoing report on our courts and legal systems, and a lot of changes in them are long overdue. For those unfortunate enough to have to visit the courts, much of their indignation is about the length of time it takes to bring a person to trial

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Another spin on the whirligig of history

The campaigns for the Presidency in Ireland are giving rise to interesting discussions. The most interesting is about Martin Mc Guinness, one of the candidates any country would be proud to have as President.

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Hope blooms by the Waterfront

TIMES have changed. There was a time when we marched up the road towards the edge of the city, away from the centre. Until one day a whisper went through the marching crowds – we’re marching the wrong way. So they marched to the City Hall, not away from it.

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Playing a belated game of catch-up

The Dutch parliament this week will be trying to reduce the powers of their monarchy. This is good for Dutch people and may encourage the British

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