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Inspirational Youth of the West 2018



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The Inspirational Youth of the West 2018 will spotlight the champion young people (18 and under) building a brighter West Belfast. We will also be saluting the mentors behind our youth with School Principals, Teachers, Classroom Assistants, Youth Leaders and Coaches. We will bring centre-stage the up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow whose endeavour and commitment is a credit to our community.

From every field of activity and from every corner of West Belfast, we’ll introduce you to awesome achievers who serve as proud ambassadors for West Belfast. Teenage troubadours and sporting starlets will line out alongside charity champions and vivacious volunteers in our inaugural Inspirational Youth of the West 2018.

First, we are seeking nominations across 28 categories (see below) so we can draw up a shortlist of 4 outstanding contenders from each category. Second, our readers will then vote for the most inspirational. Finally, we will celebrate with a special brochure and gather for a celebration of our high achieving youth in THE DEVENISH COMPLEX hosted by Barra Best on Friday, 9th November 2018.

  • Inspirational Coach (can be over 18)
  • Inspirational Up and Coming Sports Star
  • Inspirational Hurler
  • Inspirational Camóg
  • Inspirational Boys Boxer
  • Inspirational Girls Boxer
  • Inspirational Boys Basketball Player
  • Inspirational Girls Basketball Player
  • Inspirational Ladies Gaelic Footballer
  • Inspirational Gaelic Footballer
  • Inspirational Boys Martial Arts
  • Inspirational Girls Martial Arts
  • Inspirational Girls Soccer Player
  • Inspirational Boys Soccer Player
  • Inspirational Young Sports Volunteer
  • Inspirational Young Sports Achievement
  • Inspirational School Principal (Over 18)
  • Inspirational Secondary School Teacher (Over 18)
  • Inspirational Primary School Teacher (Over 18)
  • Inspirational Classroom Assistant (Over 18)
  • Inspirational Youth Leader (can be over 18)
  • Inspirational Dancer
  • Inspirational Youth Club
  • Inspirational Work In The Community
  • Inspirational Charity Fundraiser
  • Inspirational Singer/Musician
  • Inspirational Apprentice at Workforce Training
  • Inspirational Education Achievement