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Tag Archives: letters to the editor

Release of Lillis is not the end of matter

The Irish Republican Socialist Party welcomed the news that Brendan Lillis was released from custody. The decision to release Mr Lillis should have

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More to do

I would like to comment on Danny Kelly’s letter which was headed ‘Reflections of the 1981 Hunger Strike’, August 20. I would like to first of all thank Danny

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Gaa sport is alive and well in Belfast city

With so much bad publicity around gaa matches at present it is refreshing to write to tell you that the games are alive and well in west belfast. I recently attended

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Violence for the sake of violence

Dissident republicans are people of no substance who are shallow and deluded. This is a phrase which I have used on different occasions and it certainly

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Republican history clarification

IN your introduction to our forthcoming history pamphlet, ‘The Road to 1969, the Republican Movement’, which we hope to publish in the coming weeks

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