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1. The business has REAL potential to reach a turnover of £100k within 2-3 years;

2. The business has REAL potential to achieve direct exports of a minimum of 25% (if under 25% an amount exceeding £250k can also be considered) within 2-3 years;

3. The business is involved in MANUFACTURE or is a TRADEABLE SERVICE (i.e. a service that adds a process value – this MUST be beyond basic buying and selling and offer an INNOVATIVE solution to customer needs. We definitely CANNOT SUPPORT retail, distribution, mining & quarrying and agricultural primary production (breeding & growing is the responsibility of DARD).

4. The business MUST be able to create additional employment opportunities within a 2-3 year period – these positions should (where possible) return above the NI salary median of £18,314 for full-time employment in the private sector.